4×6 ALDORR Professional – Multiladder 5,15 M

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All ALDORR Home products come with a 5-year warranty, ALDORR Professional come with a lifetime warranty.

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ALDORR Easy-Click

The ALDORR Easy-Click hinges are very user-friendly. They make it very easy to put the ladder in the right position. The hinges are unlocked by clicking the bracket upwards, after which the ladder can be set in the correct position. The hinges then automatically click into the correct position.


The ALDORR Multiladder consists of four parts. When the ladder is stored, the two parts slide into each other on either side. This ensures that the Multiladder can be stored very compactly.

Protective coating

The ALDORR Professional Multiladder is equipped with a protective coating. The coating protects the ladder against dirt and rust.

Height adjustable

The ladder is height-adjustable on each side. For example, you can make the left side longer than the right side. This makes the Multiladder the ideal ladder for use on uneven surfaces. Setting the right height is easy. Simply unlock the locking pin and slide the ladder to the correct height.

The ALDORR Professional Multiladder extendable folding ladder is the ideal ladder for various jobs. The versatile ladder is made of high-quality aluminum and can be used in many ways: for example, as a straight ladder but also freestanding in the A position as a folding ladder. The Multiladder is the perfect folding ladder for working on uneven levels. Both legs can be adjusted to the correct length independently of each other. In addition, the ladder is very stable because the rungs run wide at the bottom. The most important specifications of the ladder In the straight position, the ladder has…

Frequently Asked Questions

The home comes with a 5-year warranty, while the professional comes with a lifetime warranty. In addition, because of the reinforced hinges, the professional is made for everyday use.

The Multiladder excels at this. You can extend the legs of the ladder to different lengths making it ideal for work at uneven heights.

The Multi Purpose Ladder can be used in a platform position and is supplied with platforms. The Multiladder, on the other hand, is adjustable in height and is therefore very suitable for use on uneven surfaces. The Multiladder can also be stored more compactly due to its adjustability.

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