The Multiladder Folding Ladder is the new all-in-one ladder from ALDORR. This multifunctional ladder is a true all-rounder. This folding ladder can be used in many different ways. For instance, the ladder can be used in the A position or as a wall spacer. In addition, the Multiladder can be used as a straight ladder. Finally, the ladder is highly suitable for use on uneven surfaces. Multiladder folding ladders are available in two versions: ALDORR Home and ALDORR Professional.

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Buy a Multiladder Ladder

If you are looking for a multifunctional ladder that can be used in multiple situations, the Multiladder is the perfect choice. This ladder is ideal for the real home handyman and the professionals among us. The ladder is designed for use in many different situations. This way, you can use the same ladder for almost any job.

The types of Multi Ladders in our range

We offer several variants for our Multiladders. You can get this ladder in the Home version and the Professional version. Besides these two versions, the ladder is available in different sizes. The smallest ladder can be up to 2.8 metres long, whereas the longest can be up to four metres long.

What is so special about the Multiladders?

Ladders come in different shapes and sizes. But what makes the Multiladder so special compared to other ladders? This ladder is multifunctional. That means the ladder can be used in many different ways. The ladder can be used free-standing by using it in the A-shape. Another possibility is to use the ladder completely upright by putting it against a wall. So, the ladder can change shape depending on your situation.

To make the ladder even more functional, it can also be used on uneven surfaces, which often makes other ladders unstable. We have designed the Multiladder so that it can be used even on uneven ground.

Multiladder Home version

The Home version of this ladder is compact and can be used in a straight and A-shape. This ladder is very user-friendly and uses easy-click hinges. This makes it easy for users to put the ladder in the correct position. The hinges can be locked and unlocked with ease to keep the ladder in the right position and to change it again. The click of the hinges makes the user experience very pleasant as you can effortlessly set up the ladder for any job. This ladder can be used on uneven ground because both sides can easily be adjusted to different heights with the built-in sliding mechanism. The ladder can be folded into a small and compact size for storage, enabling you to use the minimum space when storing the ladder.

Multiladder Professional version

The Multiladder Professional has all the functions of the Home version. For example, it is easy to use because of its click hinges, is height-adjustable, and can be folded into a compact form. What makes the Professional version so special is the extra attention paid to the lifespan of the ladder. The Professional version has a protective coating, which provides additional protection against dirt and rust. Professionals need a ladder that can be used for a long time. We offer this possibility with the Professional version of our Multiladders. In addition to providing protection, the coating also gives the ladder a very nice appearance.

Different heights

Our Multiladders are available at two different heights. The Home and the Professional versions both have a 4×3 step version and a 4×4 step version. The 4×3 version can reach a height of 2.8 metres. The A-shape is five steps high, and in the straight version, it is ten steps high. The 4×4 version is a lot longer than the 4×3 version. This version can reach up to four metres in height. The A-version is seven steps high, and the straight version is 14 steps high. Both versions have a maximum load of 150 kg.

Attention to quality and safety

Our priority is to ensure that the ladder can be used safely. Safety begins with the quality of the ladder itself. We manufacture our ladders with attention to sturdiness and stability. The Multiladders are made of high-quality material and offer excellent functionality while allowing the ladder to remain stable. To prevent accidents, we have made the ladder as user-friendly as possible by adding smart mechanisms that make it easier to set up and use.

Using the ladder

When using the ladder, there are several things to bear in mind. For example, it is important to check the surroundings for potential hazards before setting up the ladder. Check the surroundings for possibilities of accidents. Consider, for example, pedestrians who might walk past or windows and doors that might suddenly open. Make sure the ladder is in a safe place and is not in the way. When setting up the ladder, it is essential to ensure it is as stable as possible. If the ground is uneven, ensure that one side of the ladder is adjusted in height to compensate for the difference in ground height. The ladder must remain stable during use, so pay particular attention to this.

If you want the ladder to stand upright, it is vital to do this correctly. When standing upright, the ladder must lean against something solid, so it cannot fall over. Make sure that the ladder is not standing too upright. You do not want the ladder to fall back while you are doing the odd jobs.