Telescopic ladders

The ALDORR telescopic ladder is powerful, weightless, and always trustworthy. All of the ALDORR telescopic ladders are provided with a soft-close mechanism. This soft-close mechanism guarantees that the ladder securely slides together when you need to put it away. This assures that folding the telescopic ladder is 100% safe. Telescopic ladders uk are available in two models: ALDORR Home and ALDORR Professional.

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A telescopic ladder is easy to extend and retract, making it easily compactable. This makes telescopic ladders very easy to transport and store away. This kind of ladder includes hollow rungs to be able to telescope into a more compact size.

Telescopic ladders are also known as retractable ladders and are well known for how sturdy it is. ALDORR is the market leader in the field of telescopic ladders in the Netherlands and Belgium. In our range, you will discover telescopic ladders for diverse working heights so that you are able to safely carry out any job at any height. You can find your perfect telescopic ladder for both professional and home use. Below, we have some practical tips to help you choose the ideal ladder for you. If you have more questions, let our experts inform you.

Kinds of telescopic ladders

In our range, you can choose to use the telescopic ladders for professional use or home use. The distinction is that the ladders used professionally must fulfil the more stringent conditions of professional occupational health and safety. Home use needs to concede with the Commodities Act. Both ladders are created with high-quality materials. The ALDORR Home range has a five-year warranty and the ALDORR Professional has a lifetime warranty.

The number of steps and the maximum working height is decisive for finding the ideal telescopic ladder. Our innovative telescopic ladders are equipped with a professional soft-closing system, so there is no risk of hands or fingers getting between the rungs.

This is how telescopic ladders work

Telescopic ladders can be utilised for numerous different tasks and are remarkably user-friendly. You can reach decent heights, and it is a compact model so it is perfect for storage. The most significant tip you should know is to always put the ladder on a firm and level surface. So this is the first thing you do. A solid surface will always ensure your safety. As soon as you have an appropriate surface, set your foot on the first rung (step) and the other foot on the ground.

Then, you pull up the first rung and wait for it to lock. Keep repeating this with all the rungs. You can also somewhat extend the ladder. Here, it is essential that any rungs that are unused are at the top of the ladder. In our collection, all of the telescopic ladders are supplied with benchmarks that indicate if each step is completely locked in. Once they are, it is perfectly safe to climb up.

The security of telescopic ladders

The telescopic ladder has been particularly designed for operating safely at heights. ALDORR ladders comply with the legislation and regulations and they are made of high-quality aluminium. The safety and security of our users are our first priority and that stays assured if you use a solid surface. It is also necessary that you do not utilise substances that could have an unfavourable impact on the ladder. A damaging impact can be caused by humidity or paint if it impacts the click system of the sliding ladder. If there are none of those issues, the ladder is safe.

Choosing the right telescopic ladders

If you choose a ladder from ALDORR you won’t have to worry about it complying with the necessary regulations. All of our telescopic ladders fulfil all safety and quality conditions. The first thing you might recall is the Commodities Act (Warenwet), which includes requirements that climbing materials must concede. The Commodities Act carries priority over European Standard 131. The EN 131 is concerning stairs and ladders to safeguard users against dangerous products. NEN 2484 is a strict criterion for professional use. If the product concedes to this, it can endure plenty of work troubles and satisfy all the ARBO requirements. If you are searching for a ladder for professional use, pick a telescopic ladder from the Aldorr Professional range.

The telescopic ladder for your project

Telescopic ladders are fitting for those who are searching for a ladder that can be used in a flexible way. It is the ideal ladder for storage as it can become compact. This is beneficial for having enough space in storage and makes the transportation of the ladder way easier. Both professionals and DIY handymen can make good use of this ladder. It is perfect for the handyman who executes a variety of actions around the home. The modifiable height makes it convenient for many uses.

Choosing the working height

The length and working height of telescopic ladders are two distinct things. It is secure to work on the fourth rung from the top, but further than that it’s not. Hence, you must know how high the job will be and how high the fourth rung from the top will need to be. Clear this up and don’t forget that you are extending the ladder. Usually, the length between the rungs is 30 cm. Also, you need to think about your own height.

Why choose telescopic ladders from ALDORR?

An acceptable cause to buy telescopic ladders from ALDORR is its click system, which is not only safe but flexible too. The innovative ladders of ALDORR are supplied with a soft-close system, that allows the ladder to slide together quietly and makes sure that you will not get your fingers caught in them. Additionally, the professional line of ALDORR is characterised by extra-wide rungs with ALDORR Optigrip™ and the black-coated features on the ladder. As well as finding telescopic ladders of diverse lengths, you will also find well-built, highly dependable telescopic folding ladders.

Good to know about telescopic ladders

Before you buy a telescopic ladder, it’s crucial to read the description in detail. There is always a video available as well. You need to make sure you handle the ladder carefully as doing so is paramount to maintaining its quality of it. For proper placement, position the ladder against a solid surface at a 75-degree angle. Furthermore, do not utilise any sorts of substances that could have a damaging impact on the ladder. You can find the maximum load that the ladder can carry in the description of the product. It is also good for you to know not to climb the ladder more than the fourth rung from the top. If you go online you can find and download the manuals for each product in our range.

Buying telescopic ladders

When purchasing this ladder, first evaluate what it is going to be utilised for. Is it for professional, semi-professional, or home usage? Telescopic ladders from the ALDORR professional range are used for authorised construction industry careers. Once you know what kind of jobs you will need this extendable ladder for, you can select the functional height. Don’t forget that you should not ascend further than the fourth rung from the top. Find out the maximum weight the ladder can hold and approximately how much weight you will bring with you during the job. It’s also advantageous to understand whether the retractable ladder is compact enough for you to carry, transport or put away. You must also make sure the telescopic ladder price is within your budget. If you require guidance when you are choosing a ladder, our specialists will assist you to find your ideal ladder. Feel free to contact us.


Frequently asked questions about telescopic ladders

How much weight can a telescopic ladder carry?

The weight capacity of a telescopic ladder depends on the brand and model. Generally, most telescopic ladders can carry a weight of around 150 kg, but it is important to check the specifications before buying or using the ladder. At Aldorr, the telescopic ladders can carry a maximum weight of 150 kg.

Is a telescopic ladder safe to use?

Yes, a telescopic ladder can be used safely as long as you follow the safety regulations. Make sure the ladder is on a flat surface and lock the rungs firmly before climbing the ladder. Also, wear the appropriate protective clothing and shoes and keep your hands free of tools while on the ladder.

Can I use a telescopic ladder outside?

Yes, telescopic ladders can be used outside, but it is important to check if the ladder is suitable for outdoor use and to follow the safety regulations. Avoid using the ladder in bad weather, such as rain or wind, and make sure the ladder is on a sturdy surface.

How should I store a telescopic ladder?

When you are not using the telescopic ladder, you should store it properly to prevent damage or deformation. Store the ladder in a dry, clean place and make sure the locks are released. Slide the ladder together and secure it with straps or hooks.