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Using a telescopic ladder

Using the telescopic ladder is easy, but requires some practice. Watch our instruction video and see how to use the telescopic ladder most easily.

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All ALDORR Home products come with a 5-year warranty, ALDORR Professional come with a lifetime warranty.

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Wide stabilizer bar for more stability

The extra wide stabiliser bar provides increased stability. The stabiliser bar is included. The necessary bolts and nuts are also included. Assembly of the stabiliser bar is easy and takes a maximum of 5 minutes.

Soft Close Mechanism

All ALDORR Telescopic ladders are equipped with the Soft Close Mechanism. This ensures that the ladder retracts slowly. This prevents your fingers from getting trapped between the steps.

ALDORR Wall Protect

The telescopic ladder is equipped with ALDORR Wall Protect. This ensures that your ladder is stable against the wall and that the telescopic ladder is not getting damaged.

Height adjustable

All single telescopic ladders are height-adjustable. This means that the ladder can be used at any height. For example, a 4.80 m ladder can also be used at a height of 3.30 m. A detailed explanation on the use of the telescopic ladder can be found here.

Innovative telescopic ladder made of very high quality aluminum. Thanks to the professional and latest soft-closing system no chance of hands or fingers getting between the rungs. The telescopic ladder meets all requirements of the renewed and strict EN131.6:2019 standard. The telescopic ladder is equipped with a safe Soft Close mechanism. This not only allows you to work safely at height, but you can also fold the telescopic ladder safely and the steps retract slowly, without danger to the fingers. In addition, the ladder is equipped with indicators which show per step whether it is fully fixed and safe to…

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Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between these ladders is in the steps, warranty and coating. The home comes with a 5-year warranty, while the professional comes with a lifetime warranty. The professional has deep steps with opti-grip which reduces the risk of slipping. The professional is made for daily use, while the home excels for occasionally emptying your gutters. The professional comes with a dirt-resistant black coating.

Yes, that is possible.

To partially extend the ladder, it is important to have the unused steps at the top of the ladder. The ladder locks from the bottom, therefore it is important to have the unused steps at the top of the ladder. If you wish to extend the ladder beyond your reach, you can estimate the number of unused steps and extend the ladder from there.

Do you want to slide out the ladder in its entirety? Then start at the top and slide the ladder up in one smooth motion. The ladder locks in place when the last step is fully extended.

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