Tips on how to set up and use a telescopic folding ladder safely

13 June 2023

The ALDORR telescopic folding ladder is an amazing choice as it is a combination of strength, lightness, and reliability. With the soft-close mechanism, all of ALDORR’s telescopic folding ladders ensure secure and smooth folding for easy storage. This mechanism makes it a 100% guarantee that the folding process will be safe. The common folding ladder is already a pretty good ladder that can do a lot. However, adding the telescopic component is what transforms the folding ladder into something a lot more fascinating. There are two models of the telescopic folding ladder are offered, the ALDORR Home and ALDORR Professional.
If you happen to have a folding extendable ladder and you want to be sure of how you set it up and use it, then you have come to the right place. It’s always necessary to be secure and deter any accidents, and remembering these tips will be how you will do that.

#1. Placement is everything

Always make sure that the ground that you are putting your telescopic folding ladder on is flat and firm. If the ground is slippery or uneven, you run the risk of losing your balance and falling. This can be quite dangerous which is why we stress the need to check the ground. It is also important to place the ladder in the proper way. The collapsible folding ladder is best positioned at a 75-degree angle whenever you are using it. Putting the ladder in the A position at its full length is recommended so you can get the best use out of it.

#2. Three points of contact rule on the telescopic folding ladder

This widely popular rule for handling ladders is well-known for a reason. Doing this will make you feel safer and truly just be safer. Keeping three points of contact simply means that you have to have at the very least three limbs on the ladder at all times, with no exceptions. You will either have two hands and one foot on the telescopic folding ladder or one hand and two feet.

#3. Keep your balance on the telescopic folding ladder

As safe as you might feel on the telescopic folding ladder, it is never safe enough for you to risk falling by not having proper balance on the telescopic folding ladder. With the three points of contact rule, you should be completely balanced on the ladder. However, doing things such as leaning too much to the side or trying to overreach for something will likely cause the telescopic folding ladder to become unstable. Another important, yet fairly obvious, rule of thumb is to always face the ladder when climbing.

#4. Keep the weight capacity of the telescopic folding ladder in mind

If you are not sure what the maximum weight you can have on your telescopic folding ladder is, you can check the product description of it and you can find your answer. This is very important to know so you do not accidentally exceed the weight limit and destabilize the ladder. When calculating the weight of what will be going on the ladder, don’t forget that your body weight also counts.

Follow to be safe

If you have a telescopic folding ladder, we hope you keep all of these tips in mind to stay safe. These tips are general recommendations on how to stay safe on your ladder, though always make sure to refer to any safety instructions that come with your exact product as they will be more specific.