Tips on how to set up and use a telescopic ladder safely

13 June 2023

The ALDORR telescopic ladder is an ideal choice as it is a combination of strength, lightness, and reliability. With the soft-close mechanism, all of ALDORR’s telescopic ladders ensure a secure and smooth folding for easy storage. This mechanism makes it a 100% guarantee that the folding process will be safe. Two models of the telescopic ladder are offered, the ALDORR Home and ALDORR Professional telescopic ladders uk. This caters to the different needs and requirements in the uk market.
If you have a telescopic ladder or you are looking to buy a telescopic ladder and you want to be confident in how you set it up and use it, then this is the right place to be. It’s always important to be safe and prevent any accidents, and by keeping these tips in mind, you’ll do exactly that.

#1. Place the telescopic ladder on a stable surface

Make sure the ground you put your ladder on is a firm and flat surface. Try to avoid using your telescopic ladder on the ground that is uneven, slippery, have too much clutter, or is cracked. Those things can compromise the stability of your ladder use. If it is necessary, use a leveling device or stabilizers to make sure your ladder stays steady throughout the entire time you are working on it.

#2. Extend the extendable ladder

Once you safely have your telescopic ladder on a flat surface you can now proceed to the next step, which is to start extending the ladder. Place your foot on the first step and keep your other foot on the ground. You then have to pull the first rung up and wait until you are sure it is locked. The telescopic ladders in our collection all have indicators that let you know that each step is 100% locked in. Continue doing this step to all of the rungs on the ladder until it is at your desired height.

#3. Keep three points of contact at all times

It is a rule of thumb to keep three points of contact when you are working with or climbing a telescopic ladder. The “three points of contact” rule simply means that you have to keep contact with the ladder with at least three limbs. You should either have two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand in contact with the telescopic ladder constantly while using it.

#4. Do not overload the ladder

In the product description of the telescopic ladder, you can find the maximum load that the ladder can hold. It is very important to stick to that limit and take it seriously for your safety. Don’t bring too many items up on the ladder with you that can be too heavy. You should also consider your own weight and the necessary tools or materials you will be carrying when using the ladder.

#5. Never, ever stand higher than the fourth run from the top

It is highly advised to stand on the rungs below the fourth run from the top. Doing so can cause you to seriously lose your balance or the balance of the telescopic ladder which can lead to serious injury. Those top rungs are not designed to support the weight of a person, so keep cautious.

Follow to be safe on your telescopic ladder

If you have a telescopic ladder, we hope you keep these tips in mind and stay safe. If you are looking to get one, go on and take a gander at the telescopic ladder price, see if it’s in your budget, and get it! Don’t forget these tips and always prioritize your safety.